Domain Science Collaborators

Early Water in the Universe

Recent work in the chemistry of molecular clouds in the early universe has found reactions that may create ancient water molecules that predate our Sun. For these to take place, however, particular conditions of molecular density and temperature must exist. The Early Water project combined a high resolution hydrodynamics simulation of the early universe closely coupled with this hydroxyl and water-producing chemistry model to determine how water molecules would be created and distributed in space and time in the early universe. This simulation is highly complex, and required the supercomputing power and detailed attention to big data of the Sculpting Vis team and resources.

Brain Visualization

The Sculpting Vis team works on a variety of neural imaging projects, many of which are still in-progress. The team collaborated with a group of scientists on a paper published recently in Nature, titled Microstructure Imaging of Crossing (MIX) White Matter Fibers from Diffusion MRI, to create a visualization of a Zeppelin-Cylinder-Cylinder-Dot parameter estimation for in-vivo human brain data.

Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico visualizations demonstrate the power of intuitive color, texture and glyph implementation in showing a large number of variables within the same environment, within the same visualization. The team worked with scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory to translate data on eddy flow, direction and velocity, phytoplankton growth, and a number of other biogeochemical variables into beautiful, clear visualizations, assisting researchers in their study of climate change, carbon capture and CO2 repurposing.